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Western Pennsylvania Geothermal Heating and Cooling, Inc.

  • Geothermal Installation and Repair
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Darwin here,

We started Western PA Geothermal back in 1998 to install the most efficient heating and cooling systems in your home, and help you save money by harnessing the Earth’s natural heat.

In order to pursue some other interests around Butler, I needed the right people to take over. I could only think of one - Schneider’s One Hour.

I’ve always admired their technical skill and the way they treat you like family. They’ll honor all our warranties and would love to get to know you. They’ve also kept Pete Druding, my expert geothermal tech.

They can handle complete residential geothermal installations, from installing the loops in the ground, to installing the equipment and ductwork. The design, fabrication and installation is custom fit to your particular installation and application.

Remember, the system we installed will last and last as long as it’s properly maintained. If you already have one and it has been more than a year, please call Schneider’s to get it checked, have your software updated and your interior coil cleaned.

If you love their service as much as we hope, we recommend joining their Geo Club so you never have to worry about your system breaking down or losing efficiency.

Darwin Burtner

Western PA Geothermal


Western PA Geothermal Heating and Cooling, Inc.

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