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Commercial Loop Fields

Here’s what we do:

  • Design the perfect commercial Geothermal system.

  • Install and optimize your system

  • Maintain your system so that it lasts and runs more economically

Thermal Conductivity Testing

First, we need to test thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity is a measurement of how easily heat can pass through a given material or formation.

A thermal conductivity test is a MUST for a properly designed geothermal ground-loop heat exchanger, because it

  • Allows for more accurate installation cost estimates

  • Makes your system run more economically

  • Saves you money on labor and materials

Commercial Loop Installation

Next, we’ll install the perfectly-designed system.

Commercial Loop Flushing


We use something called a Commercial Flush Cart to flush debris and purge air out of large scale commercial loop fields to ensure the system stays clean and sanitary.


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