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We Believe

A long time ago, a building contractor named Darwin Burtner was building a home for a client on a property that didn’t have access to natural gas. The future homeowners didn’t want to use oil, propane, OR air source heat pumps.

When Darwin heard geothermal systems harnessed the Earth’s energy to power your home, he researched and then proposed it to the homeowners. They LOVED the idea, and Darwin installed his first geothermal system. He then started Western Pennsylvania Geothermal Heating and Cooling with Rick Callen in 1998.

In 2017, after nearly twenty proud years, Darwin passed the reins of Western PA Geothermal over to Schneider’s One Hour.

Schneider’s has kept the good people of Butler comfortable in their homes for 64 years. They don't make you WAIT for service, they catapult it to your door.

These are the rules they live by:

  • We believe in real people answering your call 24/7.

  • We believe in the same great rates, days, nights and weekends.

  • We believe in arriving on time, or not charging you a dime.

  • We believe in upfront pricing, that never increases when we finish.

  • We believe in simple explanations that you can understand.

  • We believe in rejuvenating your System to peak efficiency and guaranteeing no breakdowns all season.

  • We believe our Comfort Club puts more dollars in your wallet than it takes out.

  • We believe in using only the highest-quality, American-made equipment.

  • We believe in softball, energy drinks, training 3 times a week and laughing as a team.

  • We believe in big yellow vans stocked to fix your problem the first time.

  • We believe in leaving your home cleaner than when we arrived.

  • We believe in kindness and courtesy, especially if we make a mistake.

  • We believe happy employees make happy customers.

  • We believe in treating you like part of the Schneider’s One Hour family.

They also believe an actual PERSON, not an answering machine, should pick up the phone no matter when you call. Furnaces and Air Conditioners often stop working at the most inconvenient time.

So call Schneider’s 24/7 to fix YOUR problems. Days, nights AND weekends for the exact same great rates.


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