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Cellulose Installation

Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation qualifies for the Federal Energy Tax Credit!

By adding Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation to your home's attic or walls, you may qualify for the Federal Energy Tax Credit. Those qualifying for this tax credit could save 30% of material costs up to $1,500.

Insulation Rebates available from Utility Companies!

Utility companies in several states are offering rebates for adding additional insulation to existing homes. Ask your Nu-Wool Dealer for details on any rebates available in your area.

Why do homeowners choose Nu-Wool WALLSEAL Insulation when given a choice?

Nu-Wool WALLSEAL is one of the most acoustically superior materials available in residential construction, so homeowners can enjoy life in a quieter home. Indoor air temperatures become more stable and HVAC systems work less. Homeowners also feel a satisfaction with their choice to live in a cellulose insulated home because they are helping the environment. More paper ends up in landfills than other types of material, and because Nu-Wool WALLSEAL is made from recycled newspaper, homeowners choosing WALLSEAL are actually preserving land and trees for future generations.

Questions To Ask Your Builder

What insulation choices do I have?

If a builder uses conventional insulation without considering the benefits of higher performing insulations, home buyers should ask why. Many builders use a lower cost insulation even though a superior insulation such as Nu-Wool would save home buyers energy dollars during the ownership of their home.

How much insulation will be used?

More insulation not only keeps the heat or cold out, it also leads to more even temperatures between and across rooms. For insulation to work properly, it must be installed carefully with no gaps, crimping or compression. This is especially important in areas where the insulation has to fit around obstacles such as pipes and electrical wiring and outlets. Nu-Wool WALLSEAL fills in gaps, creating a seamless seal. Nu-Wool supports the recommendation of the Department of Energy with a minimum of R-13 in the walls and R-49 in the attic.

What about bedrooms above the garage?

Bedrooms over the garage are often unnecessarily colder in the winter and warmer in the summer than the rest of the house. Properly insulating under the floor and around the duct work with Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation can help prevent uncomfortable differences in these "bonus" rooms.

Can ice dams on the roof be prevented?

The preferred method of preventing ice dams in non-cathedral roofs is to properly ventilate and insulate. Energy efficient roofs minimize problems with ice dams because they keep the entire roof cold. There is little difference in temperature between the part of the roof inside the perimeter of the outside walls and the part covering the eves or overhangs. Thus, melting and refreezing is minimized. Insulating to prevent heat leaks and sealing against air leaks between the inside of the building and the attic are the best ways to achieve a cold roof. Its primary purpose, though, is to prevent moisture from condensing in the attic on the underside of the roof decking and dripping down into the insulation. Any warm air that leaks from the inside of the building into the attic carries moisture with it. Sealing the air leaks is usually more effective than increasing the ventilation.

What measures will be taken to prevent noisy pipes?

Water pipes in walls, floors and ceilings can be noisy at times. Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation installed around water pipes not only reduces noise generated by the pipes, but also reduces condensation on cold water pipes as well as heat loss from hot water pipes. Care should be taken when insulating exterior walls and attics with water pipes to insure that no insulation is placed between the water pipes and the drywall or other interior surface of the wall or ceiling. If this precaution is not followed, the pipes will be isolated from the heat in the living area and could freeze and burst.

What can be done to make the house more soundproof from room to room?

Noise problems are a common complaint from home owners, apartment dwellers and condominium owners. A vast majority of builders do not realize that common building practices do little to stop the transmission of noise within a structure. Anyone who has traveled and stayed in a fine resort or hotel knows that soundproofing a room is possible. The trouble is, to do it somewhat economically, it needs to be done as the structure is being built. Because of its density, Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is a superior soundproofing insulation.

Will the insulation affect the sizing of the furnace and air conditioning units?

By using efficient insulation, heating and cooling equipment can be properly sized. "Right-sizing" HVAC equipment will likely save money during construction as well as every month on utility bills.

How will the insulation help prevent mold growth?

To stop mold growth, your builder must be well educated and be able to demonstrate a knowledge of how to use modern building materials in such a way that water does not condense within wall cavities and attic spaces. Homes must be built to standards that exceed what the building codes require. The building codes are a wonderful set of guidelines but many code officials will agree that is a set of minimum standards. If he does not agree with this point, it is time to re-open the bidding process on your new home.

Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation creates quiet, comfortable,
draft-free homes that are energy efficient and cost-saving.

Nu-Wool provides solutions to complaints like these:

  • This house is too cold!
  • The water pipes are frozen!
  • The heating and cooling bills are too high!
  • There's ice damming on the roof!
  • My air conditioner is running all the time, and it's still hot and humid in my house!
  • Our electric bills for air conditioning are out of sight!
  • The house is drafty!

Nu-Wool provides the solution before the problem begins. Builders who use Nu-Wool Insulation have Nu-Wool's diagnostic services available to help them throughout the entire build process, and long after.

Blower door tests, duct blaster tests, and thermal infrared (TIR) imaging are vital parts of the quality control commitment that Nu-Wool promises builders who use Nu-Wool WALLSEAL Insulation. In addition to showing the effectiveness of the insulation, these tools can be used to find electrical problems, roof leaks, thermal breaks, leaky ductwork and other problems.

If there is an issue with comfort or energy costs in a new home in which Nu-Wool Insulation was properly installed, Nu-Wool will respond promptly to diagnose the situation. All Nu-Wool area sales representatives are trained blower-door and thermal infrared camera technicians so service and response is immediate.

Non-Settling Wall Spray System

Nu-Wool WALLSEAL is a spray-in-place cellulose insulation applied to the wall cavities of new construction. It is installed to a density of 3.0 to 3.5 lbs. /ft.3 and will not settle in the wall cavity. Fibers attach to the sheathing and studs, forming a seamless bond inside the wall cavity.

Energy Saving

Nu-Wool WALLSEAL eliminates voids and air pockets common with other insulation materials, reducing air infiltration and increasing the "Effective R-value" of the wall assembly. Nu-Wool WALLSEAL will save as much as 40% in heating and cooling costs.

Sound Control

Because of its higher installed density and the elimination of voids and air pockets, Nu-Wool WALLSEAL delivers impressive STC ratings in a variety of wall assemblies. STC ratings are available upon request.

Premium Product - Competitive Price

Nu-Wool WALLSEAL delivers increased energy savings and superior sound control. Yet it is competitively priced compared to conventional insulation, making it one of the best values in the insulation market.

Effective, yet safe

Borate-based fire retardants are incorporated in the manufacturing of Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation. These safe, non-corrosive fire-retardant chemicals will not harm pipes or circuits. They will not cause harmful fumes or become a health hazard to humans.

A Naturally "Green" Energy Saving Product.

Nu-Wool Insulation is made from recycled newspaper. 100 pounds of Nu-Wool Insulation contains 85 pounds or more, of recycled newsprint. The manufacture of Nu-Wool Insulation uses at least 10 times less energy than it takes to manufacture fiberglass insulation. In addition, Nu-Wool Insulation will save as much as 40%* in heating and cooling costs. By eliminating voids and air pockets common with other insulation materials, reducing air infiltration and increasing the "Effective R-value" of the wall assembly, Nu-Wool helps control sound and thermal properties and is environmentally friendly, even in the manufacturing process.

Nu-Wool's Insulation benefits multiply.

Superior energy savings and sound control, two of the main benefits of Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation, are the primary reasons why Nu-Wool is the insulation of choice in multi-unit residential, single family and commercial projects. Add to those benefits Nu-Wool's UL-approved 2.5 hour and 2 hour firewall designs and you have an unbeatable combination.

Factory Trained and Certified Installers.

The installers of the WALLSEAL system are factory trained and certified professionals, who are equipped with specialized machines designed for the application of Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation. Nu-Wool provides extensive training for both new and existing Nu-Wool WALLSEAL dealers. Using both its state-of-the-art factory training center and in-the-field training, Nu-Wool's training and contractor certification programs are the best in the industry.

Unmatched Quality Control and Support.

Most manufacturers of insulation focus all of their efforts on producing and selling their insulation products. Their support ends once the product is sold. Nu-Wool Company, Inc. is different. In addition to producing and selling a quality product, Nu-Wool provides its dealers with product, installation, diagnostic tools and equipment, sales and technical support and training that is unmatched in the insulation industry. That's our way of doing business, and your guarantee of partnering with the right company.



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